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"  We're here to answer your Questions.  However many questions you have, however long it takes.  We want you to feel comfortable and informed before you make any decisions.  "

"   I want Mobile Electronics Studio to be your most trusted resource for finding quality gear to fit your mobile lifestyle.   "




"I really love the support I get whenever I need it." Tom, Marketing Specialist Plano, Texas

We do our best to earn your business, adding value to all of the products that you buy from us.  We are committed to providing the highest quality mobile audio and electronics products to you.  We are also driven to provide the highest level of professional installation for these products.  You will find the lowest authorized prices on everything we sell.  We're happy to answer any questions before, during, and after any purchases you might make.              It is our goal to not only provide you with the best priced electronics the market has to offer, but also let you experience the highest quality and most innovative products available today.  A well informed customer is our most valuable customer.       We are a legitimate, experienced, authentic, retail store with installation bays.  We know vehicles, we work on vehicles, we install a variety of car audio, multimedia and security products day in and day out.  We'll be here in 2 years, as well as 5 years, 10 years, and beyond that.  We stay in business by giving you expert advice and spending time with you, trying to earn your business.  We want to be sure that your happy, and that you're getting your money's worth - now, and for years to come.  Support those who earn your business, and they'll be around next time you have questions.  Go with your gut instincts when you talk to people, and make sure they're interested in earning your money the old fashioned way, by providing a service that serves your needs.  Go with the right outfit, and the results will actually exceed your expectations.

                  MEET THE STAFF

Bill Kelley

System designer, lead fabricator, owner

I've been working on cars since I was four feet tall (we called them go-carts back then).  I was trained as a mechanic in high school, but didn't care for the grease.  My first job in a car audio shop came in 1991.  I immediately planted roots.  I loved creating sound systems and building subwoofer enclosures (did I mention that I also took advanced wood working in high school?).  After about 10 years in a "mom and pop" shop, I sprouted wings and went to work for a large specialty electronics retailer based here in New England.  I took on a management roll, but continued to get my hands dirty in the install bay.  Over the next seven years, I developed a reputation as one of the best installers in New England, and learned the importance of continuing education (I spend weeks every year learning about new technologies and how to apply them in my trade).  I left that company in 2007, when my name came to be held in higher regard than theirs.  I love fabricating things, no matter what their application.  I am a fabricator by trade; auto sound is merely my medium.  I love music and the emotions that it can evoke.  I've made an art form out of elevating the "car audio system" to a level which can not truely be appreciated until it has been experienced first hand.  My installation background goes far beyond luxury and sports cars, I am happy to work on all makes and models of cars, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, boats and yachts. 

Jake Harris

Window tint specialist, Installer

My first car was a dragster.  At fifteen, I spent my weekends driving down the track at 140+ MPH.  I didn't get involved in car audio untill 1999, when I was asked to take a position as installer at a high end electronics shop on the South Shore.  I picked up window tinting along the way, and found it to be just my style.  I spent time out in California learning to tint "the right way" from Robert Doan (who is widely recognised in the industry as a master).  I worked on and off for a few years with my friend Donnie (Shady Business).  In 2008, I started my own company: "Tint It!".  At about the same time, I partnered with Bill, and together we've been customizing the Cape one car at a time (sometimes two, occasionally three, never more than four or five at a time).


Allie Kelley

Operations Manager I love cars, especially classics.  Luckily though, I don't touch any of them.  My job is to Keep the store in order, see that the vendors get our shipments to us on time, and most importantly, to see that everyone gets lunch and coffee.  As Bill's wife, I spend as much time as I can at the store, however the majority of my time is spent raising our busy 3 children, who will be working on your cars in another 10 years.

Sierra Kelley

Greeter As the resident shop dog, Sierra greets everybody at the door, and inspects all the vehicles that come in the bay.  She joined us in 2005 as a rescue, and was immediately put to work as shop puppy.  She's been going to work with Bill every day since then.  Her job can be tough sometimes (moving from sunny spot to sunny spot often is), but you couldn't keep her home from work if you tried.  She loves the shop, the people, and the cookies that come with the job.


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