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ARC Audio Motorcycle
Audio Products

  • All Products designed for OEM integration into all HD motorcycle applications
  • Systems designed and tested by factory trained technicians
  • All components designed within parameteres of the factory motorcycle electrical system.
  • Retains all factory functions, controls and storage space available.
  • Class H switching design allowing for high performance sound quality in your bike without the drawbacks other manufacture class D designs suffer from.

The ARC Series Subwoofers are designed for fast and clean response at high output levels. Optimized for use in small enclosures and build to give high-end sound at a realistic price.

4.8" wide by 8.25" long by 1.7" thick (KS-125.2  250 watts!)

KAR MINI AMPLIFIERS -The ARC Audio Mini amplifiers combine very good sound quality, performance, and a compact size that makes finding a home for these amps in your car a pleasure rather than a burden.

Items per page:

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